2021 Paws-itive Changes

As the number of COVID-19 vaccines increase and positive cases decrease, our community is looking to return to normal.  However, ‘normal’ may mean how we used to do business which may not be the better way to do business.

The pandemic has taught us to adapt to a new way of operating – mainly curbside services.  In our attempt to keep people safe, we found the pets in our care were calmer and more agreeable to our exams and tests.  Even as we have allowed one (masked) person to accompany their pet inside, we still see a marked improvement over our ‘normal’ business model.

Our challenge is to find a process that allows for fewer people to be in the clinic at one time, to decrease noise and anxiety for our pets, but be able to serve our clients in a timely manner.

For now, we will continue curbside pick-up of medications and refills.  (Please call at least 24 hours ahead so we can get it ready!)

You have the option to come in for your pet’s exam or be curbside during the appointment.  We will allow 1 to 2 (masked) people inside the clinic for their pet’s medical exam.  (This restriction does not apply to euthanasia appointments.)  If you have more than 2 come to the appointment, we ask the others to stay outside or we can bring your pet inside (curbside service) and communicate with you by phone.

We ask that you call upon arrival to our clinic and stay outside (in your car or on our lawn) until we have a room ready for you in order to limit the noise level in the clinic.

We realize this process may need tweaking as we go, buy we are willing to do what we can to ensure a better and more productive experience for your pet.