About Us


Dr. John Brunner dreamed of one day owning a veterinary hospital and naming it Noah’s Friends. In 2003 that dream became a reality. Here is how it came to be….

Growing up in northern Kentucky, Dr. Brunner learned many basic lessons. Among them:

• Work hard
• Be honest, and
• Trust God to help you do the right things.

These lessons served him well during his college years at Western Kentucky University. And when he decided on Veterinary Medicine at Auburn University, he learned a few more lessons:

• Study hard
• Persevere
• Trust God to help see you through.

The brand new doctor came to Murfreesboro, TN in 1991 to complete his externship and decided to make this area his home. For twelve years he honed his skills working with companion animals (primarily dogs and cats) and farm animals (mostly horses, cows and goats). Through hands-on experience, his knowledge and confidence grew; and he learned a few more lessons:

• Treat everyone fairly and with respect
• Nothing can replace good old common sense
• Trust God to guide you.

During this time Dr. Brunner settled down, married Melinda Hutchinson, and became the father of three precious sons. As one might expect, he learned many lessons from his family, but the more important ones are:

• Patience
• Empathy
• Trust God in all things.

In 2003 the Brunners found a lovely, old home up for auction in Lascassas. With Dr. Brunner’s dream in mind, and using all the lessons he had learned along the way, they took a leap of faith and started their own clinic. Noah’s Friends is a veterinary hospital. Our sole purpose is to provide medical care to your animals: to protect the young, treat the sick, repair the wounded, and assist the aged… until it is time to comfort the grieving family and then celebrate with them when a new pet once again enters their life.

Dr. Brunner’s wife, Melinda, is the Practice Manager of Noah’s Friends. Her job is to see that the business operates in a manner consistent with their ideals. Melinda grew up in the Murfreesboro/Lascassas area. She went to Mitchel-Neilson Elementary, Central Middle and Oakland High schools. She graduated from M.T.S.U. with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and returned a few years later to earn a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Melinda was working in Nashville when she married Dr. Brunner. She gave up her job to stay home and raise their family. Life got very interesting (and busy!) when they decided to open their hospital. She is uniquely qualified to run the business – with her management and marketing background, a good dose of accounting experience, and a strong desire to see her husband’s dream succeed. Due in part to space restrictions at the clinic, and the fact that she is still a ‘stay-at-home’ mom, Melinda works from home. It requires quite a bit of juggling, but Dr. Brunner and Melinda make Noah’s Friends a true family affair.


Dr. John and Melinda Brunner with their family.