COVID-19 Clinic Procedures

We will continue to provide curbside service for the foreseeable future.  The reasons for this decision are many; but mainly we want to limit exposure to people who may have the COVID-19 virus or have been exposed to the virus in order to protect our employees, other clients and our doctor.

For refills of medications, please give us a call at least 1 to 2 days in advance of pick-up.  You can pay over the phone (or bring a check or cash) and we will bring the medicine to your car. 

To help facilitate the check-in process, we will install signs at each parking space with our phone number and space number.  Just call and let us know in which space you are parked and we will be there shortly to get your pet or deliver your medication.

There is no need to come to our clinic 20, or even 10 minutes early for your scheduled appointment time.  Rarely do we run ahead of schedule, and the longer wait time can place additional stress and anxiety on your pet.

Once your pet is inside the clinic for their exam, they are given all the attention and love you expect from us.  We play with them, love on them and sometimes even carry them around while we run their tests.  For those pets who are scared or nervous, we take our time and work with them, trying to make the visit as calm as possible, for our well-being and to give your pet a positive experience with us for future visits.

As you can imagine, or have experienced, doing business curbside takes longer.  Please be patient with us – we really are doing the best we can.  You can help expedite the process!  If you have concerns or need us to look at something specific, please write detailed notes ahead of time and either e-mail them or hand them to us at the visit.  Also, please be ready to take our call to discuss your pet; then we can finish up the visit, get payment and take your pet back out to you so they can go home!

We have forms on our website, under the Forms tab (upper right side).  It would be helpful if you download the Client Registration (we update this form once a year), and the Checklist (for annual exams/vaccines).  If your pet will be with us for a procedure, please download the Treatment Form (make sure you initial all blanks!) and the Bloodwork Form (we recommend testing before all surgeries).  PLEASE fill out these forms prior to coming to the clinic!

Because the wait time may be longer, or just seem like it(!), we have added a cooling station for dogs that want to wait outside in the yard instead of in the air-conditioned car.  There is a blue Igloo cooler with water, cups for them to drink from, and a trash can for the used cups.  There is also a fan to help cool them down if they are hot.  IF your pet starts breathing heavy or shows signs of distress, either call us to bring him/her in immediately or come to the porch door and call out to us.  Heat stroke can happen fast!

Due to the additional time and labor it takes to do business this way, we have more employees than usual working each shift and we have reduced the number of well visits (annual exams and vaccines) to accommodate for sick/hurt appointments.  This means your pet’s annual visit may be scheduled a few weeks out.  We do have a list for those who want to try to get in sooner, when another client cancels their appointment.  We do call from this list, and try to get you in as soon as we can.

Please be kind to our employees.  If our way of doing business does not work well for you and your pet, we will transfer your records to the veterinary clinic of your choice. 

Most importantly, we appreciate the love and support our clients have shown us.  It has lifted us up on these hot, humid and stormy days!  Thank you for entrusting us with your pet’s care.