What to expect on your visit to Noah’s Friends Inc.

Plan ahead!!  From getting a well-visit appointment to checking out at the clinic, a lot of things have changed.

With the large number of pet adoptions, more people have more pets than ever, or at least as long back as we can remember!  That means more first visits and wellness exams.  If we scheduled everyone who called on a first-come first-served basis, you would not be able to get your sick pet in for weeks!  Much like a marriage, we want to be there for your pet in sickness and in (good) health.  To make room for Rover’s eating indiscretion, we limit the number of well visits each day.  You may have to wait 2 to 3 weeks to get in for vaccines and an exam, but if you call for an appointment when you receive your reminder notice, you should have no problem picking just the right time.

To expedite the process, we have forms that can be filled out before arriving at our clinic.  Just visit www.noahsfriendsvet.com and click on the Forms tab (upper right side).

  • For first visits and annual visits, please download the Client Registration form and the Checklist.  These forms help keep our records straight and jog your memory for things that could be helpful for your pet’s visit.
  • If your pet will be with us for a procedure, please download the Treatment Form (initial/sign all blanks) and the Bloodwork Form.  We highly recommend testing before all surgeries.
  • You can bring these documents with you or e-mail them back to us.  Make sure you note anything specific you want us to know or examine.

When you arrive:

  • There is no need to get to our office 10 or 20 minutes early.  We rarely run ahead of schedule!  Just call the clinic number and let us know what parking slot you are in.  We will get you when we have a room ready.  (Please wear your mask if you plan on coming inside with your pet!)  You can wait in your vehicle or walk around on our lawn.  We have an igloo cooler and cups for your pet if they need a sip of water.  IF your pet starts breathing heavy or shows signs of distress, come to the door immediately and let us know.  Heat stroke can happen fast!!
  • If you are just picking up medications, call us when you arrive and let us know how you will be paying (cash, check, credit card).  We will bring it out to you!
  • For surgeries and other procedures, call us when you arrive and we will tell you what to do next.
  • For assistant appointments (nail trims, bloodwork, booster shot, etc.), call when you arrive and we will take your pet inside and return them to you when finished.  Payment will be at your vehicle.

We strive to make the visit as pleasant as we can for your pet.  We will continue to tweak this process as we go along (see 2021 Paws-itive Changes).  Our focus is on reducing anxiety for your pet.