Zoe-o-NOT-ick – a disease which can be passed between people and animals.


Who is affected?  Everyone!  But especially vulnerable are people with weakened immune systems due to illness, disease or age (the very old or the very young).


It’s alarmingly easy to consume parasite eggs.  The eggs are very tiny and can easily become airborne during any activity such as digging in the soil.  These airborne particles can land on the mouth or be present in dirt that gets rubbed across the face and then swallowed.

Many parasite eggs can thrive in the environment for years!!

And that’s not all!  Some are “Hitchhikers” – the diseases that come from those pesky fleas and ticks!

Cat-scratch disease comes from organisms found in flea feces that can enter the body through bites, wounds or scratches.  It can cause fevers and swollen glands.

Tape worms cannot be transmitted from your pet directly to you; but you can get them by ingesting an infected flea that lives with your pet.
How can we prevent these problems?

For more information, go to the Centers for Disease Control or VetStreet websites!